About Me


I'm Paula Poundstone's cousin

Both my parents went to college with Don Knotts. My mother said he was a great dancer

I was once offered the chance to adopt Larry David's cat (turned it down—too much responsibility)

An 18th-century relative of mine was allegedly abducted by Indians, married a chief, and became the mother of Tecumseh, who put a curse on the U.S. for stealing land. ”Tecumseh’s curse” said that every President elected in a year ending with zero would die in office. It worked out that way, up to JFK. Reagan broke the curse but was shot nonfatally by a deranged man hoping to get the attention of Jodie Foster

A former roommate taught first aid to Tupac Shakur’s mom. I live 12 blocks from where Biggie Smalls was shot.

Bacon number of 4. I appeared in Programming the Nation with Noam Chomsky… Chomsky was in Revenge of the Dead Indians with Dennis Hopper… Hopper was in Speed with Beau Starr… Starr was in Where the Truth Lies with Kevin Bacon